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We share lesson plans

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We share lesson plans

Post by Emily on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:45 am

Most of my lessons are custom made. I make everything myself from the ground up.

This might sound pretentious, but I think my lessons are interesting and so far, the students really enjoy what I've planned.

This is based on feedback from both my peers and the students.

I do spend a LOT of time preparing everything so that I provide something of quality to the students.

I would like to provide what I've done so far to the other teachers here, on this forum. This would be a gift of some sort for all the help I've received, and, in a way, it's long overdue.

I would rather not put them here, in this topic, as the topic would eventually disappear.

Is there anywhere on the website where I could put my things so that they're visible and easily accessible to all the teachers?

I think it would be really awesome if we how somehow shared our own ideas to the world. Make a database of some sort.

What do you think?

Here's the first lesson I'd like to share:

Riddle contest
Tested with: English Major students
Class size: 22-45 students (depending on the class)
#1. Separate the class in teams. (Do it yourself, otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of time if you let the students do it by themselves).
#2. Select an assistant who will help you determine who raises his or her hand first in answering the question.
#3. Explain the rules:

1. The teacher will read a riddle to the students.
2. The students MUST raise their hand to answer a question. If the students shout the answer without raising their hand, they lose one point (This is tried, tested and true. Otherwise students will be shouting the answers all across the classroom).
3. Depending on how many hints are given, the amount of point for a good answer varies. First, read the riddle (6 points), then write it on the board (5 points), then write how many letters there are (_ _ _ _) (4 points), then the first letter (F _ _ _) (3 points), then the second letter (F I _ _) (2 points) and so on. Do not go under 1 point for a good answer.
4. Giving out a WRONG answer reduces the total of point by 1.
5. Team totals may go under 0.

That's about it. I've tested this with my students and they loved it. This is for advanced students however.


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Re: We share lesson plans

Post by Admin on Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:46 am

Save Our Souls- or At Least Save Mine
You and a group of friends decide to take a holiday in Europe. When you are in France you decide to take a balloon trip over the Alps. You think it will be a fun way to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong. When you are thousands of feet above the ground your balloon develops a slow leak. What is worse is that ground control tells you that one of you will have to jump overboard so that the others can land safely.

There are five of you plus the pilot in the balloon.


Journalist: 42 years old
Married: Yes.
Children: 2
Dependents: Yes (elderly parents)

One of you is a respected syndicated international journalist. You have been reporting on world affairs for your country for many years. Your opinions are highly valued by your editor and your articles are widely read.

Monk: 33 years old
Married: no
Children: no
Dependents: Yes, everybody

One of you is a monk. You have a large spiritual following. People hang off your every word. Some people have told you that you have changed their lives forever bringing happiness and joy to their existence.

History Professor
History Professor: 65 years old
Married: Yes
Children: 6
Dependents: 90-year-old mother, youngest son and daughter.

One of you is a history teacher. You are a professor at a famous university. Your teachings on history are perhaps the most recognized in the world. People find your classes amusing, but more importantly they are influential in public policy.

Cancer Scientist: 35 years old
Married: No
Dependents: Yes, elderly parents

One of you is a cancer scientist. Your research into the causes of cancer has led to the development of a number of drugs that have increased the chances of surviving cancer. You also lecture others in biochemistry.

Politician: 55 years old
Married: Yes
Children: 3
Dependents: no

You are a good politician. You are always trying to help your constituents. People respect your hard work and believe you are not corrupt. You have done a lot of good for your local community.

1. Read the profile you have been assigned.

2. In your group make an argument why you should not have to jump overboard.

3. Make an argument for why each of the others should jump overboard a head of you.

In your group note 4 reasons for and against your own survival:

1. __________________________________________________ __

2.________________________________________________ ____

3.________________________________________________ ____

4.________________________________________________ ____


1.________________________________________________ _____

2.________________________________________________ _____

3.________________________________________________ _____

4.________________________________________________ _____

Do the same for the other people.

Select somebody in your group to represent your team. This person must argue your position. Others can help them make their argument if it’s appropriate.
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