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Modern school

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Modern school

Post by husk on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:56 am

I remember well how it was in 8th grade. We had lots of group work, and everything was just great, but did we learn anything from it? No. Just a whole lot of ways to shirk on. This results in that students are dumber and shitting in school until they end up in high school. Then they suddenly get everything into their face, and complain that they feel they are inadequate and the like.

In between secondary school, I felt that there was no point in the teacher. Often they just said "the new curriculum say that you will find it out yourself, and blablabla." Hello! I am fortunate to take things relatively easy, and got me on the way a good starting point before I started high school. But did I learn enough in high school? Hardly. But we go to school for the grades, not knowledge. However, this is another discussion.

As a 17-year old I think many of you will agree when I say that we should practise "old" teaching methods. Let everyone do the same tasks, AND MAKE SURE ALL MAKES THEM! Whether the school will be less fun in class, I am sure that the grade average will be raised. The fun could be compensated with more class trips and the like. If the teaching efficiency raised by 15%, we would learned more than before even though we got a day or two extra to social activities.

My conclusion: bring in teachers who are skilled in this area and do it the old way. All the modern crap we go through today has not a damn thing for themselves when it comes to learning.


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Re: Modern school

Post by newie on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:09 am

In 50s and 60s schools required exact knowledge, and teaching was marked by discipline, memorizing, drill and overview.
Today's school is lousy in all these areas, and it is no wonder that the results are then.
Modern children who have entered the current school do not have courage or stamina enough to withstand the frustrations and hard work. They are used to doing what they want. They are deprived - and probably also more depressed than children in the fifties and sixties.
It is not teachers who are to blame, but parents who have not set limits for their children, politicians who create visionary (and unenforceable) plans. A head of school at Jaren is quoted as saying. "It's not so bad if the children do not learn anything, just followed the plan!"
'Antinik' - who knows what he / she is talking about.
PS. Some young teachers are virtually illiterate!


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Re: Modern school

Post by Ozon on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:10 am

Teamwork is something socialist came up with. The idea is to hide the good students out of a group and thus jacking them down slightly, while poor students are jacked up to be with the good. The good remains in the bad students' shadow. The poor are left in the light of the good students. In this way, the smart one does the task, while others just hang on and get as good grades as the bad. Yes, the group given the character as a whole. In this way, one can not distinguish anymore. This is called socialistic. It reminds a bit about the policies parties are fighting for. It's not long before smilies are given in schools instead of grades.

I think a lot of schools have changed since the early 80's. Then they began to a greater or lesser extent, with group work and other similar stuff. Meanwhile competition and individually responsibility were removed. People of 50s and 60s schools could now both multiplication tables and spelling. It is hardly coincidental. Maybe teaching methods used in these years were perfect. It looks like this at least in retrospect.

Basic knowledge can not be learned better than by memorizing and trying. Basic knowledge will not be fun. Multiplication table and spelling should and must be a "must". When you reach a little further so you can feel free to adopt different teaching methods.

School will not be fun. In today's entertainment community, it has become a claim that almost everything should be fun. I think this has pretty much destroyed schooling.


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Re: Modern school

Post by ny her on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:11 am

We who went to school in the fifties and sixties, had to struggle hard to get good grades, and it was our own fault if we failed it. The authorities were right - whatever.
We learned EVERYTHING - even fractions. Now the kids "are aquainted with" fractions! Idiocy! Whether you learn fractions - or you don't!
Current school skips over (odd prime) factorization. You don't learn the least common denominator (common denominator). And then one does not master fractions. The students have textbooks in mathematics that have too many "balls in the air." A brief period we work with e.g. prime / odd / square - and we will not go through it again until the following year - at best. And when students do not remember anything. Students learn to roll paper flies in mathematics hour - because there must at all costs be fun. The time wasted with specifics that are not needed, with themes and outrageous projects that take awful long time to implement.

ny her

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Re: Modern school

Post by Sola on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:02 am

Had there been a school that was JUST as you describe, I think measures had been taken to stop this long ago. If that's the case, and it still is:
Yes, it is nonsense for you and the others who stand outside and watch this happen without doing anything but complain at teachers.darkbb.com!
Have you thought about it some time?? No, I thought so :-))


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Re: Modern school

Post by Sponsored content

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